Burnishing Tools

Burnishing Tools: TEST DEPARTMENT

Everything changes and advances very fast in this day and age. The technologyand machinery as well as the material to be machined have to satisfystrict and demanding criteria. In order to meet the requirements of this constantprogress of development, Diametal has established a new test department.

The function of this department is to continuously test out our newly developed tools so as to be able to provide products that are as technically evolved as possible before field trials take place.

The department consists of various machines including a roller-burnishing and grinding unit. This enables us to carry out trials with the currently familiar materials, but also with novel, lead-free steel alloys. These are being tested today as a replacement alloy for 20AP since it can be expected that production of this steel will decrease sooner or later.

The objective of the test department is to perform tests on new products from the development carried out at Diametal in order to offer our customers an even wider range of solutions. In the first phase, the burnishing wheels will be the particular focus of the trials, followed by the other product categories.

Although roller-burnishing mostly occupies only a small part of production, companies in the field of metallurgy are nevertheless concerned to find an alternative to leaded steel that is suitable for the different operations in the watch industry. In the interest of our partnerships, Diametal is also involved in this endeavour with practical trials.

In this context, we are also turning to our customers for assistance: we are looking for components made of different materials that can be roller-burnished and that originate from overproduction or that already have machining defects and can no longer be used. Diametal guarantees that all parts received will be destroyed after the completion of the test series to make sure they cannot mistakenly pass into circulation. The results obtained are also documented with photos in the test report.

We hope to have kindled your interest in our test workshop and look forward to a close cooperation and frank communication. Let us show you the latest technologies and help you make the precise and demanding work in the area of roller-burnishing in the watch industry a little easier as a result.

Please also feel free to contact us if you have any requests or suggestions regarding our trials.

The polishing of gear wheels and its history

In the next issue of Diamail we will be examining in further detail the subject of gear wheel polishing and the support disks used for this purpose. This article will also include a brief look at the history of a company that has been further developing the related machinery and technology over many years.



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