Special tools

Beside our range of standard tools, we also manufacture many custom-made special tools. We also plate wheel bodies supplied by customers, with the following details being required::

  • choice of material
  • layer thickness

Layer thickness of the electroplated standard grinding rim

DIAMETAL specializes in precision grinding tools produced after customers‘ drawings. These tools usually consist of a high-precision wheel body plated with specially sieved abrasive grits, some of which are post-machined after plating.


The following should be noted:

As the grinding rim cannot be dressed on the machine, the fit between bore / spindle must be paid special attention (often H4/h4). In many instances, a test collar is needed to be able to round-dress the wheel on the machine.

The diameter selected should not be too big (< Æ 250), because any radial run-out (eccentricity) would then have disproportionate effects.

The grit size, on the other hand, should be as big as possible, since large grits also allow a higher material removal rate. Naturally, the grit size is also determined by the desired surface quality of the workpiece.

The grit plating can also be reworked once the plating has been applied. This method results in improved tolerance values of the contours, although at the expense of a lightly lower cutting efficiency.

Reference values for circular grinding cut on steel

The radii selected should be as large as possible. The minimum obtainable radii are roughly three times the grit diameter.

Example: The minimum radius at B 126 is 3 x 126 µ = 0.4 mm



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