Mission statement

DIAMETAL is a leading provider of grinding tools and cutting tools and products made of superhard materials. Our products are distinguished by outstanding performance characteristics and the highest precision.

Our mission, our goals: independence and growth

We operate according to the principles of the liberal market economy. We aim to achieve the following objectives with our activities: the preservation of entrepreneurial independence, the generation of profit and the securing of sustainable operational growth and business prosperity.

As a globally operating niche market player, we orient ourselves around the needs of the markets – and allow these needs to inform the development of new products.

Our products: quality as the overriding priority

We develop, manufacture and market

  • Grinding tools with superabrasives in metallic, technical plastic, galvanic, ceramic and hybrid bond systems
  • Tool systems for precision turning and for hob cutting
  • Components for wear protection and for decorative applications in diamond, carbide, metal-ceramic and ceramic

In all the product segments, we offer our customers comprehensive consulting services to ensure a targeted and economically optimised application of our products.

Our customers: our key partners

We support our customers in the rapid and flexible development of their specific process solution through our proven practical knowledge and the introduction of creative ideas in the development and manufacture of new tools. The success of our customers is an essential factor in ensuring our growth and success. We strive for long-term and cooperative relationships with our customers and suppliers based on a spirit of partnership. We work together with competent sales staff and reliable distribution partners in order to offer a first-class and fast service in selected markets. To this end, we make use of the very latest communication and information technologies.

Our commitment: responsibility for employees and the environment

We commit ourselves to fulfilling all statutory laws and regulations. We keep to and abide by contracts and agreements. For customers, employees (active and former), apprentices and trainees, suppliers, government authorities and the local social setting in which we operate, we are a reliable and dependable partner at all times.

In the interest and for the good of our company, the executive board, the management and the employees commit themselves to an attitude of mutual respect and to honest as well as ethically and morally impeccable conduct towards all partners.

Our structures enable every employee to exercise his or her responsibilities and to respect and honour the personal rights and individuality of the others. We safeguard and promote the professional, business and social interests of our employees.

Through a measured and restrained use of resources, through carefully conceived and elaborated work processes and with a high degree of safety consciousness, we make an active contribution to protecting our environment.

We work with a certified management system with the objective of achieving an error-free operation of our business processes. It is our intention to improve ourselves persistently and continuously in all areas and aspects.

Biel, July 2014

Dr.-Ing. Michael Op de Hipt




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